OneSteel Whyalla

In late 2017 IQE was approached by Arrium Steel Whyalla to undertake a Mine to Port study on the existing mining, milling and steel production operations in Whyalla South Australia. These operations had recently been purchased by Liberty OneSteel SIMEC from PHP Billiton. IQE were tasked with examining every section of the operation mine to port of the operations and then to prepare a report detailing the costs observed, inefficiencies, duplications and probable alternate methodologies and operations that would complement the business and improve the overall bottom line operating costs.

Over a period of three months IQE examined and bench marked the mining, ore transportation, raw iron production, steel production and subsequent shipping costs of steel products and iron ore.

In late 2017 IQE successfully delivered a comprehensive costing and bench marking report based upon first principles estimates to validate and offer improvements to the existing Whyalla and surrounding mining operations.